Monday, June 4, 2007

And she's back

I'm back!

Friday was Grandma's service in Newport and it was beautiful. I didn't think I would cry because I had already done so much crying and I had been to the viewing earlier and cried a lot then and I was really just feeling unemotional. Then one of the hymns was "On Eagles' Wings" and I started bawling like a little baby (when you get to "take you to the breath of dawn"). Stupid songs.

Joel and I drove home late that night. I was a little tipsy from dinner so I slept some of the way. Saturday I went to the Portland Farmer's Market at PSU where I purchased some tasty sweet sugar snap peas, new carrots, asparagus, and some delicious Hood strawberries. They're a little tart so I think I'm going to mix them with pineapple for some pineapple-strawberry muffins. yummy! Saturday night I julienned the carrots and tossed them with the sugar snap peas with olive oil, blasamic, salt/pepper and crushed red pepper flakes. It was delish.

But the best part was the salad bowl. A large pot with six varieties of lettuce, I can't remember them all right now, but there was two types of romaine, two red leaf, Butter lettuce and regular Green Leaf. I set it in the full sun of our back porch and can't wait to have some tasty garden fresh salads.

Sunday I baked Banana Bread Muffins (using Alton Brown's recipe in I'm Just Here for More Food) and laid around the house like a bump on a log. It was great.

Now here I am back at work, back in the groove. I rode my bike again today and as usual it was great. I think this Friday I'll take some pictures on my way in so you can all see what I mean. 5 of my 7 mile ride to work are on a bike trail along the river, I see all sorts of herons and ducks and geese and stuff.

Anyways, that's all, I hope everyone had a great weekend. See ya tomorrow.

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RodgerM said...


We should do a bike yarn crawl through Portland with a group or something. It'd be so fun to freak the muggles on BIKES!

- Rodger