Monday, June 11, 2007

Imagine the Knitting!

I did something very awesome this weekend, but I didn't take pictures so I guess that means it didn't really happen?

I cast on for a practice run of what will be matching mittens for myself and two of my best friends as Christmas gifts (Yes, I'm starting Christmas knitting in June... on December 22 when I have everything done and wrapped and you're trying to build a time stretcher... we'll see who's laughing).

The knitted item is the Pirate Mittens from Hello Yarn. I'm making them with Knit Picks Telemark in Snow Leopard (background) and Aubergine (skulls). Thank god these are not on sale now because I would have just died. Although it's not like they use a lot of yarn so maybe I just shouldn't be such a cheapskate.

When I bought the yarn I thought the Snow Leopard was more blue than gray. I was wrong. It's a lovely pale gray... quite reminiscent of the sky at this moment (because you can all see my sky) It's a lovely color, but paired with the aubergine that make the mittens maroon and gray... my high school colors (Franklin Quakers!).

But the big news about these mittens is that they're my first stranded knitting project! Hurray! I have all but finished the first one (had to rip out the thumb... it was bad). They went super fast and I think I may be hooked on stranded colorwork... super happy fun time. They look great (IMHO of course)

I have so much stuff to take pictures of and upload, but I swear I'll do it... eventually. I did join a new knitalong yesterday. The "Mystery Stole 3" run by Melanie of Pink Lemon Twist. If you're interested check out her blog and then sign up on the Yahoo Group... signups close July 6 so HURRY.

P.S. boy is taking his LSATs today, right this second as a matter of fact, wish him luck. :)

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Mia said...

Good for you but no pictures means it didn't happen. :D

And I think I might be able to help you with some Christmas knitting. Email me about some yarns that I am finding in the stash that you might be able to use for Christmas knitting. Yeah, I am helping to built your stash again.