Monday, April 30, 2007

Phoebe has progress!

But no photos.

See, Joel only has dial up (the horror, I know) and a really old laptop, which he takes with him much of the time. I sold my computer to my mom when I moved... well my half of it since we paid 50/50 for it. Anyway, the blog may be photoless for a little while until I figure out some voodoo. I could take pictures with my phone, but, ew.

I finished one and a half repeats of the Phoebe sleeve so that the second sleeve is now 13 inches long (I believe it needs to be 18, I'll have to look that up) I'm really closing in on the sweater... I know that it will not be sweater weather when it's finished (or maybe it will... I can be pretty slow when I want). But I'm still excited to get my first sweater off the needles and in the closet.

This weekend, I organized my stash *gasp* *shock*. See, at my parents' house the stash was very spread out, there was some in my room, some in the living room, some in the office, some crammed into tiny corners... whatever. I had to pack it all up and find room for it in Joel's impeccably organized tiny little house.

So I stuffed it into two drawers in my dresser and two drawers in this little wicker 3-drawer organizer thingy. The top drawer in that is holding all my WIP's from the previous post, and those two bottom drawers are stuffed with sock yarn. I guess what this means is that I shouldn't any problem sticking to my yarn budget, since I can't buy yarn that I don't have room for, obviously. Except for the yarn for Andy's petit bebe yarn for gifts doesn't count toward stash right? Right? Somebody get my back here.

To recap:
Mission 1: Finish WIP's, do not cast on new projects (except for Dulaan, charity doesn't count)
Mission 2: Use up my tres awesome stash yarn for most future projects. Until I deem a reasonable amount has been used. One dresser drawer full, at least. Not counting yarn necesary for gifts, of course.

You know, in January I didn't have enough stash yarn to join knit from your stash. My how the mighty have fallen.

carry on.

Friday, April 27, 2007

What's on your needles?

Well, let me tell you.

Phoebe is still on the needles... body is 15 inches long, one sleeve is finished and the other is about 6 inches long. Quite a bit larger than in this picture, but still... maybe 70% done.

Floral Felted Tote by Nicky Epstein, which I have from the holiday issue of IK. I have completely finished one side... and that's all. Just one lonely side, and to think I bought the yarn for this nearly six months ago ::shame:: so it's about 40% done.

The Clapotis which I really don't even want to mention... except that I pulled it out of it's hiding place last week so now I must acknowledge that it exists. I have not touched it since around Christmas. probably 50% done.

Twisted Flower Sock I love you, I really do, but I messed up on the last row and I'm avoiding ripping back (yes, I know it's only one row... shut up, I hate you). Not terribly larger than in this picture. I'd say, 55% done on this sock (which means, what, 27% done on the pair? Oh the shame)

I did just finish a Dulaan hat. I will be casting on another in Encore Chunky. Probably the Avalanche Hat pattern. It's not on the needles yet, but let's face it, it will be soon.

So with all this in mind, I bet you can guess what I did this week. That's right, I worked dilligently at completing my in progress projects so that I can rid myself of the terrible guilt.

HA! In your dreams sucka. I cast on this little trouble maker:

Yup, it's the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin' Sock Club sock kit from February. Since the April one is at my parents' house, but not yet picked up (therefore not yet in the stash, right?)
Yes, it's suggestive, and yes knitting with STR Mediumweight on size 0 needles kind of sucks. But overall, I love it. I especially love how the colors are spiralling so loverly all around.
That is all... tune in next week when our heroine loses all self control and casts on projects with every set of needles she owns.

Friday, April 20, 2007

No progress

No progress on anything. I'm halfway moved in with Joel (the boyfriend) but most of my knitting stuff is still at mom's house. Hopefully I can remedy that this weekend.

I went to Sip 'n' Stitch at Knit/Purl last night as I generally do on Thursdays. I got very little knitting but much talking done. I also did some pre-shopping. I just found out that Joel's best friend and his new bride (of a year) are expecting their first child. They have chosen not to find out the sex of their petit bebe. Which to me means that they are begging for a pink lace cardigan... but I will refrain from making an incident.

It seems to me the best knitted choice for a baby of unknown gender is a toy. Plus it's a reletively easy knit (just say no to blankets!) and an appreciated one. So, now to lower the field.

There's LouLou the Elephant. In Tracey Chapman's Toys to Knit, and in that book is also a Kangaroo with a Joey in it's pouch, and a monkey in a cute little vest. So those are all adorable possibilities.

Also, Debbie Bliss (The queen of baby knits as Rodger put it) had a book... I think it was Simply Baby but don't quote me... at the store which had two little baby costumes in it, one was a bunny and one was a lamb... now since the wee one is due October 30, I thought these would also be a great idea! Plus there was another Debbie Bliss book (aren't I being specific and interesting? I know) which had a bunch of cute toys.

Those are my thoughts so far. What do you guys think in the way of Unisex Baby Gear to knit?

Not that a lacey pink cardigan can't be unisex... I just don't want to make anyone uncomfortable.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today we sew

I knit two rows on Twisted Flower last night. It is still glorious but I was distracted last night. I knit afew rows on one of my Dulaan hats today during lunch. I've switched to a half hour lunch and it really cuts down on my knitting time. Oh well though... I think I'll be alright.
I have two sewing projects in the works. This one I have cut out the pattern in a Navy crepe with white bias tape for the ties and edge. It's a reproduction of a vintage Butterick pattern. It will be adorable, but I think it may be a touch too long, we'll see once I get it put together.

It's a very simple pattern, 4 pieces of fabric, a couple darts, it doesn't even have a zipper, there's elastic at the waist, and bias tape on the edges, so all I'll have to do is hem the skirt. Well, I have to sew the tape on, but that's cake.

This is the other one I bought fabric for. A lovely Michael Miller print that I got for 40% at Fabric Depot (I love Fabric Depot, btw).

I'll be making it next. It is slightly more complicated, with lining and interfacing and stuff, but still a very simple pattern.

I used to sew all the time in high school. I (with my mom's help) made most of my dresses for school dances as well as some rather crazy halloween costumes. I made my prom dress and a wedding dress for a woman I worked with at the hotel. Mind you it was a very simple dress... but it was white, and she did wear it to get married in... so it was a wedding dress.

This will be the next on my list. I will make the short one, in red, to wear to Carmen at the Opera next season. Next season's theme is "Great Women of the Stage" and I would like to make a dress for each show (Carmen, Cinderella, Rodelinda, and Aida)... but that might be a tad ambitious for me. As you all know... I love to voer extend myself and make lofty goals. Following through... not my strong suit.

I'll keep you posted though. And I'll even post pictures if I ever finish anything.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sock it to me

Hehe... I'm really good at lame titles huh? Don't worry, that is only the beginning

Beary Nice hat! MWA ha ha... heh... It's for either Dulaan or Sheri's Loopy Ewe q2 challenge. I haven't decided. Made with some of the Encore that Mia was kind enough to donate. I'm working on another one with a neck/ear flap to keep the little ones warm.

Awww... Buster is such a cute model... he even sort of tolerates it. IT's the same hate, I just couldn't resist this picture. Look at that face!

Here's my glorious Cookie A. Sock (The color is off in this photo... the weather is crap, there's no natural light, leave me alone). See the beautiful lace? The intricate cabling (with n.u.m.e.r.o.u.s. errors) on the leg? ::sigh:: I'm so in love. So in love I must return to knitting it.

No cookie!

I'm a very bad blogger.

I have been very busy, with knitting and with life and I haven't been blogging. Because I'm a very naughty girl.

I have some fantastic stuff on the needles right now. Like Cookie A.'s Twisted Flower sock pattern. Which I am knitting with Yarn Pirate BFL in Celery. (Note to Georgia: I love the BFL... a lot... a really inappropriate amount... please get it again if at all possible. *heart*) The sock is truly a thing of beauty. I have a picture on my camera but it's old... and on my camera (not my computer) This weekend I finished the entire second repeat on the leg, did the heel flap, turned the heel and picked up the gusset.

I am so in love. It is not by any stretch of the word an easy knit. I have to have the pattern in front of me the whole time and there has been much tink-ing and much ignoring problems because I'm just not going to rip the far back.

I opted to not use a cable needle, because doing so with 1x1 cables on every row (during the cabling pattern) would make me crazy. has a pretty good tutorial on doing mini-cables without a needle here. I also used the method for twisted stitches sans cable needle found in the Phoebe pattern that I am "working" on. I think that buying the pattern is worth it just to learn that technique if you do not know it.

I went very quickly from monogamy to poly-amory with my knitting though. As you recall I was very happy to be working on the now cast aside sweater, but then, I made mittens, and hats for Dulaan (a good excuse for whoring, no?) now I'm in love with this sock. Plus I Still haven't cast on my blue moon sock and the next package should be here this month. And I have all my great sock yarn from Mia the awesome. Which I have no firm plans for just yet. I'm thinking basic ribbed socks.

I also have an extensive list of gift knits. However, one item got knocked off, not because I finished it but because the wedding was called off. How sad is it that when I was told this the second or third thing out of my mouth was "thank god I hadn't started that shawl" I'm a bad friend. I've accepted this. No need to call me out.

Lastly... Have you guys been watching Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel? You totally should. I watched it for like three hours last night while working on Twisted Flower. Not the best choice for knitting since it's so beautiful you want to have your eyes glued to it. But I enjoyed it none the less.

If you haven't seen it, look up the times (Comcast has it on On Demand) Tivo, record, sit in front of the TV, whatever. It is so breathtakingly beautiful. Nature in all it's dirty, eating, fighting, f***ing glory. The captured, on camera, a Piranha feeding frenzy. Awesome. Really freaking awesome.

That is all... maybe I'll get some pictures up this week. I don't know, leave me freaking alone about it. Geez,

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Story Time

Here's a good Knitting in Public story for you guys.

Yesterday I stopped to get gas, and in Oregon the general public is not deemed smart enough to handle the massive responsibility of pumping our own gas, so I pulled up to the pump and there were a few other people there so I grabbed my knitting while I was waiting for the attendant.

The attendant in question was an older gentleman with a very thick French African accent (or maybe French islander) and he got a big smile on his face and asked me what I was making, I showed him the first mitt I had already finished. He said, in his very weak English something like "So your spare time is spent wisely" nodding at my knitting. I replied that yes, it was so he said.

"Do you drink?" I said no (a lie? yes, but i Thought maybe he was going to ask me out for a drink, so I'm bad)
"Do you smoke?" I said no
He nodded and said
"My son, he is married to a lazy woman who drinks and smokes, he should meet you"

So now that I type this it sounds creepy, but I swear he was just a sweet old man with a really strong work ethic who thought it was great that I spent my waiting time doing something productive.

It kind of made me smile and I thought it was really sweet.

Normally if a man said something along the lines of "I love seeing women knit" it makes me kind of mad and I want to tell them where I'd like to stick the needle in my hand. But this was a little different.

What's your favorite KIP story? Share with me, thank you.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I got stuff!!

I got lot's of stuff from Mia 'cause she rocks. Here's a picture of it in the box.

It's like Christmas!

There was the Ruby Sapphire "Alexis"

Which is. so. me. It's bright, it's fun, it doesn't make any sense but you like it anyway :P It is in the classic Ruby Treadsoft sock yarn which is a pretty typical 100% Merino fingering weight, soft, squishy, with a nice even and tight twist. I'm going to make a kick ass pair of socks for *me, me, me* with it.

More beautiful Ruby yarn in Viridris

Also a beauitful colorway (and might I add very project spectrumy) this is the Sapphire Sock Yarn, 75% Merino 25% Nylon. It's just as soft as the 100% Merino but it's super fuzzy and is going to make a really cozy pair of fabulous socks... probably for me too, hehe, it's my box after all! Maybe something from my new Favorite Socks book.

I know, that's awesome right? Two gorgeous skeins of sock yarn, hooray! But *WAIT* there's more.

Crash into Ewe Still My Beating <3>

Don't forget about the Noro. Destined to be an adorable tank (I got the pattern too)
And so much more I can't even remember so let's look at a picture.Ahh yes, there it all is, books, yarn for me, yarn for cold children in Mongolia, books, candy, a cute little lamb, a palm size zen water garden... etc and so forth.
Yeah, it's been a fun night playing with my new yarn. And making the little lamb talk... but maybe I should've kept that to myself.

Bad Lexy!

So I'll have LOT'S of stuff tonight when I post, but I wanted to put up a quick thank you to Mia.

She has spoiled me rotten in the Lime & violet Yarn Pr0n swap. I luff her. I'm going to take pictures (except for the candy I've already eaten) tonight but let me see if I can get a complete list up here.

  • Ruby Sapphire Sock Yarn in "Alexis" (hey, that's me!)
  • Ruby Sapphire Yarn in some crazy name I can't remember but it's lime green beautifullness
  • Crash Into Ewe in "My Beating Heart" (as in be still, and it is)
  • A bag of Noro Daria (9 skeins) in a crazy bright variegated colorway
  • A pattern to go with the Daria
  • Two books (novels) "Knit Two Together" (I think) and another one that's escaping me right now.
  • A whole bunch of Wool/Encore for Dulaan knitting
  • Some store bought adorable easter socks
  • A bunch of delicious candy like a whole foods caramel/fleur de sel chocolate bar, reeses peanut butter eggs, Whoppers, Kit Kats, Good 'n' Plenty, and Hershey's Kisses with Coconut which taste like a mounds bar...mmmm.

So, that's it for now. Back to work with me. Pictures tonight/tomorrow, soon. Plus more blogging, coming to a computer near you.