Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I got stuff!!

I got lot's of stuff from Mia 'cause she rocks. Here's a picture of it in the box.

It's like Christmas!

There was the Ruby Sapphire "Alexis"

Which is. so. me. It's bright, it's fun, it doesn't make any sense but you like it anyway :P It is in the classic Ruby Treadsoft sock yarn which is a pretty typical 100% Merino fingering weight, soft, squishy, with a nice even and tight twist. I'm going to make a kick ass pair of socks for *me, me, me* with it.

More beautiful Ruby yarn in Viridris

Also a beauitful colorway (and might I add very project spectrumy) this is the Sapphire Sock Yarn, 75% Merino 25% Nylon. It's just as soft as the 100% Merino but it's super fuzzy and is going to make a really cozy pair of fabulous socks... probably for me too, hehe, it's my box after all! Maybe something from my new Favorite Socks book.

I know, that's awesome right? Two gorgeous skeins of sock yarn, hooray! But *WAIT* there's more.

Crash into Ewe Still My Beating <3>

Don't forget about the Noro. Destined to be an adorable tank (I got the pattern too)
And so much more I can't even remember so let's look at a picture.Ahh yes, there it all is, books, yarn for me, yarn for cold children in Mongolia, books, candy, a cute little lamb, a palm size zen water garden... etc and so forth.
Yeah, it's been a fun night playing with my new yarn. And making the little lamb talk... but maybe I should've kept that to myself.


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

ohhhhh pretty!!!!!!!

Lolly said...

Fabulous yarns! and indeed, very Spectrummy ;)

Mia said...

Just remember the swap was called Yarn PrOn!!! And I know you like your PrOn. I didn't even think about the Viridris being for this time around in Project Spectrum. I just thought it was you.

I can't wait to see your new socks.

And keep knitting because every time I turn around there is more yarn for cold children in Mongolia.