Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today we sew

I knit two rows on Twisted Flower last night. It is still glorious but I was distracted last night. I knit afew rows on one of my Dulaan hats today during lunch. I've switched to a half hour lunch and it really cuts down on my knitting time. Oh well though... I think I'll be alright.
I have two sewing projects in the works. This one I have cut out the pattern in a Navy crepe with white bias tape for the ties and edge. It's a reproduction of a vintage Butterick pattern. It will be adorable, but I think it may be a touch too long, we'll see once I get it put together.

It's a very simple pattern, 4 pieces of fabric, a couple darts, it doesn't even have a zipper, there's elastic at the waist, and bias tape on the edges, so all I'll have to do is hem the skirt. Well, I have to sew the tape on, but that's cake.

This is the other one I bought fabric for. A lovely Michael Miller print that I got for 40% at Fabric Depot (I love Fabric Depot, btw).

I'll be making it next. It is slightly more complicated, with lining and interfacing and stuff, but still a very simple pattern.

I used to sew all the time in high school. I (with my mom's help) made most of my dresses for school dances as well as some rather crazy halloween costumes. I made my prom dress and a wedding dress for a woman I worked with at the hotel. Mind you it was a very simple dress... but it was white, and she did wear it to get married in... so it was a wedding dress.

This will be the next on my list. I will make the short one, in red, to wear to Carmen at the Opera next season. Next season's theme is "Great Women of the Stage" and I would like to make a dress for each show (Carmen, Cinderella, Rodelinda, and Aida)... but that might be a tad ambitious for me. As you all know... I love to voer extend myself and make lofty goals. Following through... not my strong suit.

I'll keep you posted though. And I'll even post pictures if I ever finish anything.

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VDOprincess said...

Oooooh...love that first one. I just bought this awesome floral that I think will be PERFECT for that. Will have to pick up a copy. :)