Friday, April 20, 2007

No progress

No progress on anything. I'm halfway moved in with Joel (the boyfriend) but most of my knitting stuff is still at mom's house. Hopefully I can remedy that this weekend.

I went to Sip 'n' Stitch at Knit/Purl last night as I generally do on Thursdays. I got very little knitting but much talking done. I also did some pre-shopping. I just found out that Joel's best friend and his new bride (of a year) are expecting their first child. They have chosen not to find out the sex of their petit bebe. Which to me means that they are begging for a pink lace cardigan... but I will refrain from making an incident.

It seems to me the best knitted choice for a baby of unknown gender is a toy. Plus it's a reletively easy knit (just say no to blankets!) and an appreciated one. So, now to lower the field.

There's LouLou the Elephant. In Tracey Chapman's Toys to Knit, and in that book is also a Kangaroo with a Joey in it's pouch, and a monkey in a cute little vest. So those are all adorable possibilities.

Also, Debbie Bliss (The queen of baby knits as Rodger put it) had a book... I think it was Simply Baby but don't quote me... at the store which had two little baby costumes in it, one was a bunny and one was a lamb... now since the wee one is due October 30, I thought these would also be a great idea! Plus there was another Debbie Bliss book (aren't I being specific and interesting? I know) which had a bunch of cute toys.

Those are my thoughts so far. What do you guys think in the way of Unisex Baby Gear to knit?

Not that a lacey pink cardigan can't be unisex... I just don't want to make anyone uncomfortable.


Mia said...

If you really want to do a cardi for the baby, I have an ecru color kit for one that has been in the stash for over 5 years. It might be ready for you. It includes the yarn and pattern. Actually I have probably had it for over 7 years now. Let me know since it is obvious that I will never knit it.

dragon knitter said...

i made a cotton-ease (the old stuff, when i heard they were going to discontinue it, i started hoarding, lol) hoodie in banana cream and pineapple. she ADORED it (she knows the sex of the baby, but hubbie doesn't, so those of us who do know have to act like we don't, lol). if you want, i'll give you the link. and it comes in many sizes!

Natasha Chapel said...

Cardis are lovely, but bibs are awesome. ;) I still have some crocheted bibs (a la Bernat website) from older daughter that the babe uses. They are better than any of the "bought" bibs.

Uncommon Threads on DIY had some adorable ideas for a baby basket. They are mostly sewn items.,2046,DIY_14255_44218,00.html

RodgerM said...


Do you want some black and white Galway Plymouth? I bought it for a sweater that I don't want to make anymore and I can't for the life of me think of what to make with it. You can have it for half of what I paid for it, if you want. It's enough for an adult sweater.

- Rodger