Monday, April 30, 2007

Phoebe has progress!

But no photos.

See, Joel only has dial up (the horror, I know) and a really old laptop, which he takes with him much of the time. I sold my computer to my mom when I moved... well my half of it since we paid 50/50 for it. Anyway, the blog may be photoless for a little while until I figure out some voodoo. I could take pictures with my phone, but, ew.

I finished one and a half repeats of the Phoebe sleeve so that the second sleeve is now 13 inches long (I believe it needs to be 18, I'll have to look that up) I'm really closing in on the sweater... I know that it will not be sweater weather when it's finished (or maybe it will... I can be pretty slow when I want). But I'm still excited to get my first sweater off the needles and in the closet.

This weekend, I organized my stash *gasp* *shock*. See, at my parents' house the stash was very spread out, there was some in my room, some in the living room, some in the office, some crammed into tiny corners... whatever. I had to pack it all up and find room for it in Joel's impeccably organized tiny little house.

So I stuffed it into two drawers in my dresser and two drawers in this little wicker 3-drawer organizer thingy. The top drawer in that is holding all my WIP's from the previous post, and those two bottom drawers are stuffed with sock yarn. I guess what this means is that I shouldn't any problem sticking to my yarn budget, since I can't buy yarn that I don't have room for, obviously. Except for the yarn for Andy's petit bebe yarn for gifts doesn't count toward stash right? Right? Somebody get my back here.

To recap:
Mission 1: Finish WIP's, do not cast on new projects (except for Dulaan, charity doesn't count)
Mission 2: Use up my tres awesome stash yarn for most future projects. Until I deem a reasonable amount has been used. One dresser drawer full, at least. Not counting yarn necesary for gifts, of course.

You know, in January I didn't have enough stash yarn to join knit from your stash. My how the mighty have fallen.

carry on.


Mia said...

I wonder how much I had to do with the increase in your stash..... Need yarn? I think I might have some to spare.....

Lexy Girl said...

You had about half a dresser drawer to do with it... and no, I don't need any more of your devil yarn!