Monday, April 16, 2007

No cookie!

I'm a very bad blogger.

I have been very busy, with knitting and with life and I haven't been blogging. Because I'm a very naughty girl.

I have some fantastic stuff on the needles right now. Like Cookie A.'s Twisted Flower sock pattern. Which I am knitting with Yarn Pirate BFL in Celery. (Note to Georgia: I love the BFL... a lot... a really inappropriate amount... please get it again if at all possible. *heart*) The sock is truly a thing of beauty. I have a picture on my camera but it's old... and on my camera (not my computer) This weekend I finished the entire second repeat on the leg, did the heel flap, turned the heel and picked up the gusset.

I am so in love. It is not by any stretch of the word an easy knit. I have to have the pattern in front of me the whole time and there has been much tink-ing and much ignoring problems because I'm just not going to rip the far back.

I opted to not use a cable needle, because doing so with 1x1 cables on every row (during the cabling pattern) would make me crazy. has a pretty good tutorial on doing mini-cables without a needle here. I also used the method for twisted stitches sans cable needle found in the Phoebe pattern that I am "working" on. I think that buying the pattern is worth it just to learn that technique if you do not know it.

I went very quickly from monogamy to poly-amory with my knitting though. As you recall I was very happy to be working on the now cast aside sweater, but then, I made mittens, and hats for Dulaan (a good excuse for whoring, no?) now I'm in love with this sock. Plus I Still haven't cast on my blue moon sock and the next package should be here this month. And I have all my great sock yarn from Mia the awesome. Which I have no firm plans for just yet. I'm thinking basic ribbed socks.

I also have an extensive list of gift knits. However, one item got knocked off, not because I finished it but because the wedding was called off. How sad is it that when I was told this the second or third thing out of my mouth was "thank god I hadn't started that shawl" I'm a bad friend. I've accepted this. No need to call me out.

Lastly... Have you guys been watching Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel? You totally should. I watched it for like three hours last night while working on Twisted Flower. Not the best choice for knitting since it's so beautiful you want to have your eyes glued to it. But I enjoyed it none the less.

If you haven't seen it, look up the times (Comcast has it on On Demand) Tivo, record, sit in front of the TV, whatever. It is so breathtakingly beautiful. Nature in all it's dirty, eating, fighting, f***ing glory. The captured, on camera, a Piranha feeding frenzy. Awesome. Really freaking awesome.

That is all... maybe I'll get some pictures up this week. I don't know, leave me freaking alone about it. Geez,

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Mia said...

I want to see some pictures!!!! And don't worry you aren't the only one who hasn't started the sock club sock.