Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Story Time

Here's a good Knitting in Public story for you guys.

Yesterday I stopped to get gas, and in Oregon the general public is not deemed smart enough to handle the massive responsibility of pumping our own gas, so I pulled up to the pump and there were a few other people there so I grabbed my knitting while I was waiting for the attendant.

The attendant in question was an older gentleman with a very thick French African accent (or maybe French islander) and he got a big smile on his face and asked me what I was making, I showed him the first mitt I had already finished. He said, in his very weak English something like "So your spare time is spent wisely" nodding at my knitting. I replied that yes, it was so he said.

"Do you drink?" I said no (a lie? yes, but i Thought maybe he was going to ask me out for a drink, so I'm bad)
"Do you smoke?" I said no
He nodded and said
"My son, he is married to a lazy woman who drinks and smokes, he should meet you"

So now that I type this it sounds creepy, but I swear he was just a sweet old man with a really strong work ethic who thought it was great that I spent my waiting time doing something productive.

It kind of made me smile and I thought it was really sweet.

Normally if a man said something along the lines of "I love seeing women knit" it makes me kind of mad and I want to tell them where I'd like to stick the needle in my hand. But this was a little different.

What's your favorite KIP story? Share with me, thank you.


RodgerM said...

I was crocheting a shawl (that I'm wearing) on the bus one day and about six people all watched my intently. The shyest one (You know how you can tell they're the shyest one by the way they turn bright red before they try to talk to you?) asked me what I was making. I told him. And he said "It's very beautiful." and I DIDN'T HEAR HIM so he had to REPEAT HIMSELF. Poor guy, must've felt so uncomfortable. He was kinda cute, in a nerdy white boy way.

dragon knitter said...

i have a sort of story. i had taken my mom to the specialty dental office (i can't remember the branch, but it's not orthodontics, lol), and spied a knitter in the waiting room. i happened to be crocheting a preemie sweater at the time, but we ended up chatting for 15 minutes, until she was called back. and, fortunately, even though she was a little older (i think she was in her 60's) she was very aware of internet patterns, and we talked patterns for a good part of the time. it was cool.

as for the older gentleman, he is probably from a culture that values productivity in all times. i'm with him, i've been known to knit while waiting ANYWHERE (even really long stoplights (shhhh, don't tell!))

shannon.on.park said...

My husband was announcing a indoor precussion contest at our high school gym. I was sitting in front of one of the judges, knitting a baby sock. I started it at the beginning of the day. During a break the judge leans over and asks what I was making. I told him it was a sock for a baby. He turned to the other judge sitting next to him, pointed at me and said, "That's the real entertainment."
I thought it was nice of him.

amanda j said...

I was at a Model United Nations Assembly with some students of mine, and was knitting a sock. The kids from other schools kept sneaking peeks at what I was doing, and I met so many other people just because they wanted to know what I was doing.

My students weren't too fussed. They are used to me!