Sunday, February 11, 2007

Project Spectrum Hat

Here is my hat... it is great. Made with Blue, Grey, and White, it's perfect for Project Spectrum

So here's the skinny:

Yarn: The brim is using some handspun purchased from Ms. Violet of Lime & Violet, naturally. It's a lovely slubby single of blue and purple merino with some locks of light blue mohair thrown in. The crown is one strand of Lamb's Pride Worsted in Dark Heathered Charcoal, periodically held together with two strands of Colinette Parisienne color Marble.

Pattern: My own. I'm calling it "New Moon" The brim is knit back and forth in an 11 stitch broken rib until it was long enough, and then seamed up. After that I picked up stitches for the crown with the Lamb's Pride. I used a Fibonacci sequence for when to put in the mohair. If you want details, let me know I'll email it to you.

Needles: size ten plastic straights for the brim, size 8 wooden DPNs for the crown.

I also finished my mitts, I'll take pictures today. Plus I'm almost finished with a pair of children's mittens for Dulaan and of course Diane's sock. Which I will be working on today, I hope to get to the heel, I want to finish this soon, but the yarn is SO tiny and the needles are SO thin ::sigh::

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