Tuesday, February 27, 2007

imagining knitting

I am a very responsible knitter.

You can tell that I am because I have made a list of gift projects for 2007. Most of these are for Christmas, a couple are not. I'll give you the list, without names. I don't think any of these people read my blog, but you never know... sneaky little devils.

A Feather and Fan (or similar) rectangular shawl out of Handmaiden SeaSilk

A TBD man size stranded color hat

Another of those

A really cool Man Scarf... possibly using alpaca.

Red Socks probably a simple rib pattern. I haven't decided on exactly what yarn... but I bet it will be Lisa Souza

An Black/Pink Illusion Scarf, with a Skull & Cross Bones illusion. Using Josef Galler alpaca.

Another scarf... I'm still debating between the Chevron Scarf (because i'm a joiner *grin*) and the Misty Garden scarf from Interweave (found in the holiday mag and Scarf Style)

A small shawl/large scarf using Alchemy Haiku

An Icarus using Lisa Souza lacewieght alpaca. I have a thing for llamas... can you tell?

I should probably cast on the Icarus since I need to have that one done in the next sixth months and I have the yarn and pattern and everything. Do you know what's been holding me up? I don't want to wind my 2,000 yd hank of laceweight by hand. Seriously, I'm that lazy. I just ordered a ball winder from Ebay though. I'll be winding up everything in sight baby.

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dragon knitter said...

man, be careful winding the laceweight. i tried to do it with some skacel, and it broke. i had to wind the damned hank by hand, and since i didn't have a swift, hubbie had to hold it. it took us 3 hours, sigh.

good luck!