Monday, February 19, 2007

A man a plan a canal, Panama!

Heh, I love a good palindrome. Although today's title is only loosely related to it's content (I am a woman with a plan... it does not involve a canal)

Here is my new 5 year plan:
step 1: win lottery (100million + jackpot, if you please)
step 2: do nothing, let money marinate for a couple of years
step 3: Use a couple years of interest (let's say 10mil) to build dream house on dream property and populate it with dream menagerie.
step 4: Spend days caring for menagerie, and knitting.

I think step 3 is my favorite, because that means that rather than working I can sit here and sketch out my dream house. There will be a fitness wing (hot body hetersexual personal trainer sold seperately) There will be a wine cellar and cigar room. There will be a KITCHEN oh the kitchen. There will be a spa-like master bath. and the clothes...

And the animals... I'm thinking a flock of Romney and Corriedale, a good amount of Alpaca, some Goats and a few horses. I was thinking of getting some meat stock sheep to eat the babies (mmm, lamb) and then I saw their cute little baby eyes in my head and realized, no, all my animals will be pets and fiber producers. Except for the chickens... I'll eat them without even caring... assholes.

I haven't decided if I want to have my farm out on the way to Mt Hood (Corbett-ish) it's awfully far from the city and I will need the opera and martini bars, let's not kid ourselves. I could also do Sauvie Island although with the pets I'd be scared of floods. Or out Old Germantown Road by Forest Park... still in the city, but it feels oh so far away! Yes I think that is the best decision.

Don't worry, there's room for spending money on my friends in here. No promises though, and like I said, I'm not TOUCHING the principal... except to pay off my current debts (let's not talk about them, okay?)

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