Thursday, February 22, 2007


I spent my lunch hour at Powell's City of Books. I didn't leave the orange (craft/cooking/sale) room. I could live at Powell's. They have about half an aisle of knitting books. Lot's of good stuff in there. It's pretty easy for me to resist books that are not on sale and impulse buys because there are so many books so close and dear to my heart that the one night stands don't really possess me to open my wallet.

I did buy this in the knitting section for $7.98 I don't own it yet, and I should. Plus it was on sale.

I also got this for $6.98 it's a really fantastic book. I started reading it back in '01 and never finished it because my copy was stolen (I no longer lend out my library, unless I'm drunk, then I forget to say no) I think about it a lot. considering the number of books I've read in the past 6 years, that's saying something. Really beautiful stuff in here. (P.S. I lifted this picture off of amazon, you can't really search inside from here, sorry)

There are many other books that I want. I want the whole Barbara Walker Treasury, Books 1, 2, 3, 4. If anyone knows of a place where you can purchase these in a bundle for less than $30 a piece, tell me.

I also want Sharon Miller's Heirloom Knitting. Pretty much anything about lace is okay actually.

I'm on the fence about favorite socks.
I'm not on the fence about Knitting on the Road *or* Folk Socks.
Give me please.

I'm going to Sip and Stitch tonight at Knit Purl. I'm bringing Phoebe, but just the body. The sleeves are far too complicated to bring in public. If you're in the Portland area feel free to come hang out. *heart*


Robin said...

We have the exact same book wish list. The only reason I don't own Knitting Without Tears is because my local library owns a copy and it's within walking distance.

Jenni said...

So since we shared Blog addresses yesterday, I thought I would say "HI"