Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Phoebe Sleeve

I have 12 inches of sleeve, see:

As you can see I have overcome most of my problems with the travelling stitch pattern (of course we're all pretending this photo isn't a touch too blurry) I am also halfway done with the body... but I figured a picture of a tube of stocking stitch would be pretty boring. MY goal is to finish this sleeve by the end of the week and get a couple of inches further on the body and cast on and complete the ribbing on the second sleeve. I'm trying to work it so that I finish the sleeves and body at the same time, thus avoiding second sleeve syndrome.

Once I got used to the stitch pattern I now really like it and am considering incorporating it into other garments. I have not yet memorized the repeats, but I"m getting close I suspect I will be able to do the second arm from memory.

I realize that I'm making two posts today. I'll tell you right now I probably won't have anything tomorrow... unless my Rockin Sock Club package comes in (hehehehehe)

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Mia said...

At least my box is scheduled to arrive until Friday. I am sure that you will be posting by Monday though. And hopefully a new box for you soon.