Friday, August 31, 2007

Fun Times

So I went to my embroidery class on Thursday. It was scheduled to have four students, and one teacher, so five people total... two showed up (including me) and neither of us was the teacher.

After a half an hour Emily at Twisted said she had no idea where the teacher was (she had tried to reach her but couldn't) and she was really really sorry, and she rescheduled us for the next class plus gave us a 10 % off coupon. I felt bad for her because it's obviously not her fault that the teacher didn't show up. I just hope everything's okay.

So then I went shopping. I told myself I could get some Yarntini using my KnitWars gold pieces ($1 per piece of gold). I was chatting with Emily, debating between "Home" and "Cosmopolitan" for my yarn choice, and she was showing me the Schaefer that they got in just yesterday. Including the Schaefer Andrea. Oh goodness... it was so soft guys, and PRETTY... and well... I just couldn't resist. I bought the "Diane Fossey" colorway in greens to make something lacey for my mom for Christmas. I'm not going to say how much it was, but you can probably look it up pretty easily on your own.

*edited* So I was discussing with my mom what shawls she likes in my Victorian Lace Today book and when she pointed one out I said "and of course you want green" and she said "no, fuschia" My mother wears green... not fuschia... count on her to pull one out of left field like that but hey it's her shawl. I'm going to see if I can exchange my Diane Fossey this week.

Today I have passed on the knits! One of my coworkers brought her daughter in today and I taught her to knit, she brought two colors of acrylic yarn and size 15 plastic needles. I showed her the long tail cast on and how to make a knit stitch, I taught her neither continental nor english style but told her to hold the yarn in the way that it felt most comfortable. She naturally went for English, which seems normal for a child's (10 years old) level of dexterity.

Here's her little swatch of garter stitch (we haven't tried purling yet).

I'm very excited to be teaching the goodness. It was easier than I thought, I never thought I could teach someone to knit since I knit right to left (mirror knitting, for obstinate lefties) but as I showed her how to make a stitch I just reminded her that she would be using opposite hands and she did fine.

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I want to make this dress... despite the knowledge, deep in my heart, that it would look like barf on me. Somebody shake some sense into me (Starting with "Alexis, you are neither 6 feet tall nor willowy, so stop it right now!" would probably help.)

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Mia said...

I don't think that the dress will look good on any of us except maybe the model. And did you notice the the shot was from a distance?