Thursday, August 30, 2007

I have good friends

So two of my good friends from my previous job came over last night for turkey burgers (I did not plate, mostly because one most fix one's burger the way one would like it) and wine and conversation. They also brought me birthday gifts because they are too kind.

Here is one of my gifts:

(you can't actually search inside, I just hotlinked from amazon... they make a lot of money, it's okay, don't worry about their servers)

And this is the other one:

Both of these books were on my wishlist, however, being the dork that I am I forgot that and I cooed over my gifts "oh my God! How did you know I wanted that one? I've been thinking of buying it myself!" my friend proceeded to roll their eyes and then it occured to me "oh... these were on my wishlist huh?" and we had a hardy laugh.

The moral of the story is, if you get me something from my wishlist because you aren't sure what to get me, then I'll just think you're very very clever and not realize that you are simply sneaky. Keep that in mind friends.

I would also like to send a big shout out to Mia for sending me a box of goodies! I was very remiss in thanking her earlier, because I am simply a bad interwebs friend. She sent me some really lovely ribbon yarn from her stash, as well as this very neat papery yarn and a couple other skeins that I think shall be quite useful for the CHRISTMAS KNITTING (which I am naturally pretending isn't there). Thanks Mia!

I also long-ago received my Sockapalooza socks but I haven't photo-ed them yet (I have worn them though) Weebug Knits sent me a terriffic pair of, I believe Trekking socks, along with some bath goodies, a couple great skeins of alpaca yarn, and a kit for a dishcloth, and other goodies that escape me at the moment. So much thanks! (P.S. that whole me thinking you were Midgeling thing... sorry!)

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midgeling said...

Lexy - check yer email, lol. Things are a bit goobered up. :-)