Wednesday, August 22, 2007

3 things and some links

Okay... so I started a post yesterday that turned out sounding bitter and cruel... I'm going to try to be a bit more diplomatic and kind today.

*note: Yesterday, when I was bitching to my mother on the phone she said "so what are you going to have for dinner? I mean besides a kitten"

I replied "F*** kittens, I hate kittens" that was the kind of day I had.

We will take part in what a counselor I once had called a B.S. sandwich... *good thing, bad thing good thing repeat from *

1) I have made marvelous progress on my latest pair of socks.

Pattern: Plain stockinette with a German Heel (from Knitting Vintage Socks... Nancy Bush... natch) and a round toe (same).

Yarn: Mountain Colors Bearfoot in "Mountain Tango" this yarn is so amazingly beautiful... every time I pick it up I'm just giddy to see what the next color will be. I love you yarn.

Progress: Just about to turn the heel on the second sock

2) The reason I have been so prolific... having just started these two weeks ago (besides that they are easy, and the yarn is a bit thick, worked with only 60 stitches) is that I was in a car accident last week and my car was totalled. I am now taking the bus.

Due to a variety of economic and environmental circumstances, I will not be getting a new car. Besides, no car could ever be what Doris the Taurus was to me.

I have been quite childish about the matter. Yesterday I said that I did not want to take the bus and my boyfriend, being ever so f---ing level headed responded "so ride your bike" to which I retorted "No! I don't wanna ride my bike, I want to drive Doris" and then I folded my arms over my chest and proceeded to pout. Because I am now 25 years old and it is well past time for me to act in such a dignified manner, don't you agree?

3) I have something mysterious and wonderful on the horizon which I cannot talk about. I'll give you a hint though...

It has nothing to do with knitting, but if it happens the way I'd like, then it would be totally awesome if I finished my MS3 before it begins. Here's some random person's finished Mystery Stole:

Mine will be in black... and is coming along famously thank you. No... I cannot recall right now how far along I am. Thanks for asking

(Thanks to Quietknitter for letting me swipe your really wonderful picture *kisses*)

I would like to leave you with a quote from "Miss Manners Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior"


Who says there is a "right" way of doing things and a "wrong"?


Miss Manners does, you want to make something of it?


Meghan said...

My deepest sympathie for your loss. I once lost my beloved car but luckily it was my boyfriends fault so I could pout at him with good reason. Hope thing look up for ya :) And you does like f-in kitties, I mean, they're so small and cutest and everyone knows it's just an act ;)

Meghan said...

er... the kittie comment, was supposed to read "And WHO does....." Doesn't really make sense they way I typed it =P I need to learn to proof read!

Mia said...

I was beginning to wonder if you had fallen off the face of the earth. I am sorry that you car. I hope things look up soon.

Ruth said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Doris, but am glad that you came out of what sounds like a serious accident healthy yourself.