Monday, May 7, 2007

The 13th ball

I'm so close to being done with Phoebe.

I finished up the second sleeve this weekend. I did about 13 inches in a week... without trying that hard. If only that had happened, oh... 4 weeks ago.

Now I have about 3 more inches of boring stockinette tube to finish for the body, then I join the three pieces together at the armpits and continue up the shoulders to the neck. Hurray!

Here's where I'm concerned. I purchased 12 balls of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Arctic Pool Heather for this project. I am currently using the 8th ball (50% finished), on the body. I used 1.5 balls on each 19" sleeve and have so far used 4 full balls (probably 5 once I'm done) on 17" of body.

Does this sound like 4 balls will be enough to finish once I join at the underarms and work up to the saddle shoulders then complete the crew neck? I really think it is, but since this is my first sweater I don't feel 100% confident. Do I need a 13th ball?

The thing that's keeping me from just getting some spare yarn is that I'm sure if this isn't enough all I'm going to need is one more ball. But since it is KnitPicks that means I'd have to pay $2.50 shipping on a measly $2 ball of yarn and that hurts my heart a little. Am I the cheapest person alive? I think maybe I am. *sigh*

So the only comments I want to see right now are "Yes Lexy, you will definitely have enough yarn to finish that sweater. Don't worry about being 6 yards short and crying yourself to sleep because you're a cheap idiot who doesn't order an extra skein. You will have enough yarn"

Ya' dig?

P.S. I do realize that if I do not order the yarn, I will be short, and if I do order it I will finish not only without using the 13th ball, but with 20 or 30 yards left on the 12th one. I'll accept this in time.

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