Friday, May 25, 2007


I went shopping yesterday. I bought some Soak Citrus (I love the Soak woolwash, you should try it)

I also bought some Cider Moon yarn from Sheri @ The Loopy Ewe. It's Icicle - Taos, but it's all gone now, haha.

And some of the Lane Borgosesia laceweight (also from Sheri) in Black... to make a shawl to go with my dress to wear to Carmen this fall. maybe I should start that once it arrives huh? I'm still debating what pattern... more on that later.

So after I spent $50 at Sheri's I strolled on over to Knit Picks where I purchased 6 skeins of Telemark (3 Snow Leopard and 3 Aubergine) to make 3 pairs of of Pirate Mittens (arrgh!) for myself and my 2 homegirls. Rather than putting the year I will put "Lex" "Sha" and "Jess" on the palm of everyone's respective mittens. Clearly this yarn does not count since it was purchased for gift making.

Ditto for the 11 skeins of Wool of The Andes (Grass and Chestnut) purchased for felted clog making (a pair for my mom and a pair for Joel... say it with me now *awww*) I was going to do a contrasting sole on them, but then I decided to put leather soles on.

Then I bought Victorian Lace Today from which I hope to find a shawl to make for Carmen.


Mia said...

Oh wait, first you complain because your stash grew. And now you are out buying more yarn? Some one has a denial problem..... just saying.....

Lexy Girl said...

Mia, you appear to be confused.

Every yarn has a plan, except for the sock yarn... and as we all know sock yarns don't count towards stash.

So clearly my stash has not increased at all. I'm so glad I could clear that up for you.