Monday, May 14, 2007

Any Day Now

Phoebe is SO CLOSE to being done. I probably would have finished her this weekend if I could have spent the time taken up by getting ready for and going to the opera Saturday night (about 5 hours) and the time spent cooking/eating/cleaning/hanging out with mom on Sunday (6 hours).

I even have pictures! But they're trapped in my camera... I'll try to get to my parents' sometime this week and get it uploaded.

Right now I have finished the saddle shoulder shaping (which I like... it looks nice). I need to put the neck hole stitches on scrap yarn and start attaching the front and back. Which by my calculations will be about 26 rows of 32 stitches back and forth on each side.

That means each shoulder will be approximately 832 stitches, which is the equivalent of 4 rounds of body knitting. Although the shoulders are in pattern and the body was in stockinette... so I guess it's closer to 13 of the sleeve rounds. That would have taken me about an evening, I guess that means I have two more evenings of knitting before I can pick up the neck.

I think I'll only do about an inch of the 1x1 ribbing for the neck so that should take one evening or a lunch hour (half hour).

That means I expect an obscene amount of criticism if I am not finished by this weekend. Feel free to kick me out of the knitter's club. I will deserve it. Yup.

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