Tuesday, March 13, 2007


The two laziest Golden Retrievers that God ever made:

Exhibit A: Aspen. He's 10, he has a bum knee and is allergic to everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

We got him when he was a pup from the pet store (don't do that) We're hopelessly attached to him despite the fact that he costs us well over $1000 a year in vet bills alone, not to mention expensive dog food. It's hard to see in this picture, but he has the most beautiful amber eyes that you've ever seen. They match his dark red coat perfectly. He's a loverboy who wants nothing more than a good pat.

Exhibit B:
Buster Tea Bear Junior (we did not name him) he's 12. He's much lower maintenance than his brother, but is an enormous priss. (they're adopted brothers, not real brothers, FYI)

Buster is the dog that we talk for. You know, talk like it's him talking. He has a slightly annoyed voice and is quite convinced that he is a rare wolf/bear hybrid born in the wild, to which he wishes to return. In Buster's wild though there are king size beds in the forest bacon grows on a bush and you can find pools full of butter. We're a little crazy, but it's really okay with me.

Besides thinking he's a bear/wolf Buster is weird because he hates children/short people. He'll growl at them. Luckily there aren't many children in our lives, so it hasn't been a problem. We just have to keep the little ones away from him when we're on walks. The short people is a bit of a bugger though... we have many short friends (short means below about 5'3") I'm not sure exactly what his issue is, but he's old so we pamper him, what can I say?

So that's it, my boys. What are your pets like?


Jenni said...

Such cute puppies! Thanks for sharing.

notscarlett7 said...

Those are some CUTE pups. I want to hug them. Give them both a good pet from me, mmmkay?

My doggie, Sampson, thinks he's human, tried to talk to us, and sit on his butt, not his haunches, like a person on the couch and WATCHES TV. I kid you not. He's half beagle, half basenji, but when people ask what kind of doig he is, we say he's a Southern Attention Hound. Because, well, HE IS.

His sister, who now lives with my sister since we don't live together anymore, is about half his size, has the same brindle coat, but looks more basenji than he does. She's a wild thing, but can be so snuggly when she wants to. We call her the part time pup because the man and I watch her a lot for my sister when my sister has to travel for work. She dances and walks around on her hind legs a lot. (Not my sister, the dog.)

TNTknits said...

Cute fur babies! My fur babe, Bran, is and 8 yr old border collie/lab mix. He looks like a border collie with short hair. He is a ball fiend. I used to work at a dog kennel. Bran could remember everywhere the tennis balls had been in the yard. He'd methodically search each place until he found them.

Lexy Girl said...

Not only could Aspen and Buster careless about a ball, they have a younger friend who *loves* her ball and will play with it for hours... Buster will steal the ball, lay on it, and growl at HolliDog if she tries to get it back.

They hate ball dogs *face palm*