Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Somebody's fabulous!

and it's me!

First, the knitting.

I am really rolling along nicely on the Phoebe body. I didn't get much done this weekend because I was busy over indulging in alcohol. I have a little more than 12 inches right now and I need 16.5 before I join the sleeves and start working my way up to the shoulders. I'm halfway done with the second sleeve, the first one is almost complete. I believe I can legitimately say I'm half way through with this bad boy.

I know many of you are thinking "but Lexy, aren't you going to finish this right when the weather is getting nice, thus rendering it unwearable until next winter"

a) Even so, I don't care, I just want it off my back (haha... punny)
b) I go to the Oregon Coast quite frequently, and even during the warmest days of summer it can be windy and quite chilly on the beach, making a sweater practical, punk ass.
c) Our family vacation is in Sunriver (yup, that's the house we're staying in, no it didn't cost that much, we got a deal) this year, the beautiful High Desert of Oregon. While the summer days are lovely and warm the evenings (and mornings) can be down right cold.

So, that's my knitting world right now. I'm actually finding it quite lovely to be monogamous with my knitting. It brings me peace. Someone please remind me of this in a week (day? hour?) when I'm dying to cast on some new fling.

Now for something completely fabulous!


This is actually a pretty good picture of my nasty-ass-down-to-my-boobs-haven't-gotten-colored-in-a-year-hair. It's from Saturday night... note the green.

This is a crappy cell phone picture of my new haircut. Three inches off in length, plus lot's of awesome layers. I thought this was an okay picture of myself, but now I realize I look kind of drunk... I'm not, trust me.

I have been toying with the idea of chopping my hair off super short, but now that I actually have a very nice long haircut, I like it a lot. And I'm pretty darn close to having most of the old blond color out... so I think the time is not right to chop it off super short... we shall see what the next moon brings though.
Okay, that's enough about my hair. See ya later.


Elysbeth said...

Cute hair! Good choice.

Mia said...

I like the new haircut.

Michelle said...

You're right! That is truly fabulous hair.

Good luck with the sweater!