Thursday, March 1, 2007

L&V survey part II

Apparently Blogger thinks my answers are too long... blogger can F*** off... jerks...

7. Do you have a wishlist on or (provide a link)

8. Any Etsy stores that you would love to get something from?
Yarn Pirate, Ruby 297, White Willow, Fearless Fibers Oh so many... not to mention Lisa Souza or Loopy Ewe

9. What other crafty things are you involved in (quilting, drawing, painting)?
I like to draw and watercolor... I've been toying with some altered book stuff... besides knitting I'm really not that crafty.

10. What is your favorite sort of scent? I *love* lavender. Any high quality scent is fine with me... I hate cheap stuff, yuck.

11. Do you have a sweet tooth and what kind of sweets do you like best? Well I'm destroying a cupcake as I'm writing this, so I'd say yes. I like movie theater candy, like swedish fish and gummi worms. I also really love sour candies... anything sour is cool with me. I'm a little *meh* about chocolate.

12. What kind of music do you like?
I love old music (Think Rat Pack, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James) I'm also into local bands like Pink Martini, Amelia, The Retrofits, Libby Shroeder (okay she's in L.A. but she's from Portland, so she's local) and anything kind of jazzy and pleasant.

13. What do you like to knit? And for whom?
Quite a variety. obviously socks are up there. I'm doing my first sweater right now and I see many more sweaters in my future. If there's a technique out there I'll try it. I knit for everyone. To date I have knit more gifts than things for myself.

14. What sort of things do you like to collect?
Not a collector.

15. Do you want needles? And what kind do you prefer?
I could *always* use more needles. I. want. Options. bad. I realize that if I didn't buy yarn for a month I'd have the Options Set paid for, but *pssh* who doesn't buy yarn? I always drool over Lantern Moon needles. I like metal or wood DPN's and metal everything else.

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