Thursday, March 8, 2007

Tattoo Meme

So on Scout's blog she asked everyone to flash their tattoos. I have two and I don't have pictures of either.

The first one was a gift for my 18th birthday from my high school boyfriend it is the Japanese Kanji for "Strength". It is a tramp stamp... it's true, although I got it before everyone had started putting tattoos on their lower back, so I started it... really I did. Due to it's location on my lower back I can't really take a picture of it.

My second one is also in a non photographable location... it's on my hip and most swimsuits cover it... just to give you an idea of the location. it's a skull and crossbones which I got my junior year of college. The skull and crossbones is one of the symbols of my sorority, along with owls... but the skull & crossbones is way cooler than an owl, hehe.

So those are my two current ones... I'll probably get another one I'm just not inspired as to what/where yet. We'll see.


dragon knitter said...

i have a tribal style dragon tattooed on my stomach, just below my breast bone. only way you get to see it is if i wear a crop top (not at this weight!) or a 2-piece swimsuit (again, not at this weight!). i collect dragons, lol

Mia said...

Okay, so are you saying you are tramp? Don't worry, one of mine is in the same location. And it is possible to take a photograph of it. YO just have to be flexible and take several and check them. I did it.