Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A non-knitting project

So I've been blog surfing, and have found this fabulous little dress blog. The first day I visited I almost spent $75 at Ebay (seriously, I was seconds away from clicking BIN before I realized I can't spend $75 on a dress because I don't have $75)

I don't know how or why but the sewing bug has gotten to me in a bad way... actually I do know how and why... it's this site, that's how.

So, I bought this pattern (Go here for more vintage patterns)

The really pertinent question right now is "Hey, Lexy, do you even own a sewing machine?"

That my friends is a mere technicality thanks to I have two possibilities, not fancy, but functional, that I can pick up tonight. Sucka.

Oh but what about the fabric? Well I went to Josephine's today, and they have such beautiful stuff... but I'm not going to spend $24/yd on fabric for this little number. That's why I'll be going to Fabric Depot this Saturday for their 15th anniversary sale. I'm thinking something pink/yellow, maybe a big print, I don't know... think think think.

I don't know when I'll get it all together, I haven't sewn a garment in... six years? Plus I'm thinking I'll try to maintain the integrity of the vintage pattern by tracing it onto seperate pattern paper rather than cutting the pristine factory folded pattern I've got headed my way.

Here's hoping I'll have a new dress for the opera.

Oh, and I bought a cute spring dress at Ross for $17... totally adorable Anne Taylor Loft *heart*


dragon knitter said...

bless you woman! i didn't know how easy craigslist was until i clicked on your link, and discovered i can use this thing in omaha! i've got a gun cabinet my brother made in high school that my dad kept. when my dad died, my mom gave it back to my brother. he lives in georgia, and doesn't want it, so asked me to sell it. i've had it for SIX YEARS. this makes life much easier!

Jenni said...

I was looking for you tonight, but the man must have kept you home :) I didn't knit the pig - I just put it together. I am going to make it for a friend, though.